Newark Rift Basin Coring Project

Wireline logs were acquired at seven sites in the Newark Rift basin using dipmeter, gamma ray, resistivity, velocity, porosity, density, magnetic susceptibility, temperature, and acoustic televiewer tools. The logs indicate that the formations are clay rich and dip on average 9 N-NW. Densities are relatively constant (2.60-2.80 g/cc) and compressional velocities vary from 4.2-5.5 km/s. Thin uranium-rich layers and basalt flows are clearly delineated. The boreholes are mostly in-gauge, but deviated, and borehole temperature gradients vary between 15 to 260C/km. These data are potentially useful as indicators of fluid flow and regional stress, lithologic cycles, and for core orientation in the Newark Rift basin.

Results from this project have been presented in Goldberg et al (1994) and Goldberg et al (2001).