For questions, comments and seminar suggestions, please contact the OCP seminar coordinators:
Etienne Dunn-Sigouin (
Google Calendar version available here. To link to a personal Google calendar, log into your Google account, open link for OCP Seminar calendar, click button on lower right corner to add.
Unless otherwise specified, OCP seminars are normally held at 11am Fridays in the Comer Seminar Room.
Wednesday August 31st 2016           Inga Smith                                  University of Otago                         
Friday September 9th 2016 Karin Van der Wiel Princeton University
Friday September 16th 2016 Lei Wang University of Chicago
Friday September 23rd 2016 Mark Cane LDEO
Monday September 26th 2016 Alon Shepon Weizmann Insitute
Friday September 30th 2016 Chris Bretherton University of Washington
Friday October 14th 2016 Alan Plumb MIT
Wednesday October 19th 2016 Morgan Oneill Weizmann Institute
Friday October 21st 2016 Maike Sonnewald MIT
Friday October 28th 2016 Noelle Eckley Selin MIT
Friday November 4th 2016 Ivy Tan Yale University
Friday November 11th 2016 Irina Marinov University of Pennsylvania
Friday November 18th 2016 Carolina Dufour Princeton University
Friday December 2nd 2016 Thomas Haine Johns Hopkins University