For questions, comments and seminar suggestions, please contact the OCP seminar coordinators:
Xiaoqiong (Sage) Li (
Takaya Uchida (
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Unless otherwise specified, OCP seminars are normally held at 11am Fridays in the Comer Seminar Room.
Friday September 8th 2017 Atlantic Climate Variability Workshop on Morningside          
Friday September 15th 2017 OCP Division Meeting
Friday September 22nd 2017 Michael Ghil  UCLA/ENS Paris
Friday September 29th 2017    Laure Zanna University of Oxford
Friday October 6th 2017 Kate Marvel GISS
Friday October 13th 2017 Randall Martin Dalhousie University
Friday October 20th 2017 Natalie Burls George Mason University
Monday October 23rd 2017 Stephanie Waterman University of British Columbia
Friday October 27th 2017 Navid Constantinou     Scripps
Friday November 3rd 2017 Sukyoung Lee Penn State
Friday November 10th 2017 Jason Smerdon LDEO
Friday November 17th 2017 Yi Ming GFDL/Princeton
Friday December 1st 2017 Lorenzo Polvani LDEO