ECS 2D Seismic - USGS

PIs: Deborah Hutchinson (USGS), Nathan Miller (USGS), Warren Wood (NRL), Jonathan Childs (USGS)

Cruise Dates: 08/20/2014 – 09/13/2014

Location: Charleston, SC to Brooklyn, NY


MGL14-07 is the first of two USGS 2D multichannel seismic reflection surveys in the Atlantic Ocean off the continental margin of North America between latitudes 31oN to 40o N.  The USGS - ECS 2D Mission (August-September, 2014) research aims to collect seismic data for two primary purposes: (a) to measure sediment thickness that will contribute to delineating the outer limits of the Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) beyond 200 nautical miles (nm); and (b) to image two entire landslide systems from near the continental slope to the runout on the lower continental rise and abyssal plain. This mission is part of the USGS ECS and Hazards programs. The principal investigators (PIs) and science party objectives will drive this program on the R/V Langseth with the coordination and advisement of the technical staff headed by the Office of Marine Operations (OMO) at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO).  


MGL14-07 USGS ECS Proposed Survey Plot in the Western Atlantic Ocean (USA)