Hybrid 3D Seismic NJ - Rutgers

PIs: Gregory Mountain (Rutgers), Mladen Nedimovic (Dalhousie Univ.), Nicholas Christie-Blick (Columbia Univ.), James Austin (Univ. Texas at Austin), Craig Fulthorpe (Univ. Texas at Austin)

Cruise Dates: 07/01/2014 – 07/10/2014

Location: New Jersey, USA


MGL1405 New Jersey 3D survey proposes to use a 3-D seismic reflection hydrophone array using the Geometrics P-Cable system (Utilizing 24 x50m P-Cables) and a 3km 2D single hydrophone cable to map sequences around existing IODP Expedition 313 drill sites and analyze their spatial/temporal evolution.  Objectives that would then be met include establishing the impact of known Ice House base-level changes on the stratigraphic record; providing greater understanding of the response of nearshore environments to changes in elevation of global sea level; and determining the amplitudes and timing of global sea-level changes during the mid-Cenozoic.

Proposed MGL1405 - Mountain 3D off New Jersey Survey Site (Yellow)