MAR 36°14N 2D Seismic

PIs: Juan Pablo Canales (WHOI), Robert Dunn (UH-SOEST), Robert Sohn (WHOI)

Cruise Dates: 2013

Location: Mid-Atlantic Ridge

This project proposes to conduct a multi-scale seismic investigation of the tectono/magmatic setting of the Rainbow hydrothermal field, located within a non- transform discontinuity of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (36°14’N). The main goals are (1) to determine the nature, geometry, and location of the heat source driving high- temperature circulation at Rainbow; (2) to determine the structure and origin of the ultramafic massif that hosts the hydrothermal field; and (3) to image large (detachment) and small-scale faults and investigate how they link to the heat source and control hydrothermal fluid focusing and discharge. To achieve these goals the principle investigators propose (1) to conduct a 3D active-source seismic tomography experiment using 46 short-period OBSs (one single deployment); (2) to acquire 2D single-8km-streamer seismic reflection profiles; and (3) to monitor passive microseismicity in the area for a period of 6 months using 15 shot-period OBSs.

Canales Study Area