The R/V Marcus G. Langseth  is a 235 ft, 3834 gross ton research vessel which is owned by the National Science Foundation and operated by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.  The R/V Langseth replaces the R/V Maurice Ewing , which ended a distinguished career in early 2005.

The R/V Marcus G. Langseth is classed by the American Bureau of Shipping as A-1 Baltic Ice Class IA and Coast Guard inspected; certificated to carry a total of 55 personnel of which approximately 20 are the ship's crew.

Originally constructed as a seismic vessel the Langseth was acquired in 2004, modified, and outfitted to perform the tasks required of a general purpose research vessel. This includes hull mounted 3.5 kHz Sub-Bottom Profiler, 12 kHz transducers, and a Simrad 1x1 degree deep ocean multibeam swath bottom mapping system.  Later, in 2006, the Langseth added on the Kongsberg EM122 Multibeam array transducers for 3D multibeam surveying.

Particularly unique to the academic research vessel are the extensive geophysical capabilites which include a Secret SealXI (408) seismic recording system with four 6.75 km of Sentinel Solid Acquisition Section (SSAS) 3 kHz solid-state hydrophone streamer cable and a 2000 psi, 40 pneumatic sound source array towed in four "strings" that can be configured either as a single, 2D source or dual, alternating 3D source arrays.

The R/V Marcus G. Langseth  started conducting science operations offshore as of February 2008.



Built: 1991 Speed Cruising: 11kts
Yard Built: Ulstein (Norway) Speed Full: 13kts
Length (LOA) 71.5m / 235 ft Speed working: 0-11 kts
Beam(moulded): 17.0m / 56 ft Endurance Job dependent
Draft(max): 5.9m/ 19.5ft Range 13,500 nm
Gross Tonnage: 3834 Fuel capacity 1340m3 (353760 gal)
Lightship Displacement: 2578.4 Fuel Type; Marine Gas Oil
Crew 20 Bollard Pull 86.2 mt
Scientific Personnel: 35 Laboratory, existing:  
Call Sign WDC6698 Seismic Lab 218 m2/ 2345 ft2
IMO Number; 9010137 Other labs  
Registration: NY3360FG Main Dk Stbd Dry Lab 53 m2/570 ft2
    Main Dk Stbd Wet Lab 57 m2/613 ft2  
    Main Deck Pt Dry Lab 54 m2/ 581 ft2
    A-Deck Fwd Dry Lab 22 m2/ 237 ft2
    A-Deck Aft Dry Lab 21 m2/ 226 ft2
Propulsion Geared Diesel Propeller 2 x Ducted Variable Pitch
Main Engines 2 x Bergen BRG-6   Ulstein 4 blades
  2650kw /3550 hp (each) Rudder 2 x High Efficiency
Main Generators 2 x Shaft Generators   Becker Articulated
  1665 KVA each Seismic Air Source 2 x Ariel JGK4
Harbor Generator 1 x Diesel Generator 720 kw Seismic Air Capacity   2750 CFM @ 1950 psi each
Bowthruster 1 x Tunnel 590 kw/ 800 hp    
Ownership The National Science Foundation
Operator Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Classification: ABS- A-1, Ice Class 1C, AMS