Mantle Serpentinization MCS/OBS Seismic Mission


PI's: Doug Wiens and Dan Lizarralde, WHOI

Cruise Dates: Seismic Data Collection Feb. 1st - March 1st, 2012 
Part II -OBS Pickup March 3rd - March 22nd, 2012

Location: Marianas Trench

This project will utilize active- and passive source seismic techniques, using short period and broad band OBSs, respectively, in the Mariana forearc, trench, and outer rise, in order to image the distribution of upper mantle serpentinization. This study will address a central question regarding the importance of serpentinite for understanding subduction zones. The research will quantify the flux of water subducted by upper-mantle serpentinite, and explore the relationships between serpentinization and seismicity in the outer forearc and outer rise.

Broader Impacts: This study has much relevance to arc magnatism and will help quantify the hydration state of the earth's mantle, thus addressing a primary goal of the Subduction Factory initiative of the MARGINS program. The project provides educational support for several graduate and undergraduate students.