Shipyard Notice

Qualifications Prior to Invitation to Bid
Shipyard Drydock Services Wanted RV Marcus G. Langseth
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University will be seeking bids from qualified shipyards on the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States for the drydocking and accomplishment of certain maintenance and repair of work aboard the R/V Marcus G. Langseth owned by the National Science Foundation. The work involved will require a wide variety of crafts and services, including drydocking and alongside work.  Some of the work will be accomplished by specialist vendors working directly for the University while the vessel is at the shipyard facility and the shipyard will be required to furnish support services to such vendors.
In recognition of job complexity and time constraints, prospective bidders are advised that one planned project is the overhaul of both reduction gears, to be accomplished under the direction of a manufacturer’s representative. This task will require a rig/derig to/from the ship and a controlled work environment. Additionally, overhaul of the two reduction gear sets will require a prequalified machine shop. Preference will be given to shipyard’s possessing a demonstrated ability to successfully carry out this task.
Bids will be accepted only from pre-qualified shipyards.  The criteria for pre-qualification are in the pre-bid qualification questionnaire which can be requested from the address below.  Completed shipyard pre-bid questionnaires must be received by 29 August 2013 at the address indicated below.
It is currently anticipated that a pre-bid ship check will be scheduled on the East Coast USA approximately 4 weeks before the bids are due.  This invitation does not, however, constitute a commitment as to location or date of the pre-bid ship check availability.  The University plans to have the vessel available no earlier than January 2014 for delivery to the facility where the work will be conducted. 
The ship is inspected by the US Coast Guard and classed by ABS. The vessel’s basic dimensions are 71.5M L.O.A., 18.9M beam, and 7.6M moulded draft. All inquiries should be sent in writing or by email.  Telephone inquiries will not be accepted.
Requests should be sent to the attention of
Paul Ljunggren, Office of Marine Operations
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
61 Route 9W (P.O. Box 1000)
Palisades, NY 10964
Phone- 845-365-8845
Fax- 845-359-6817