Secondary School Field Research Program (SSFRP)


Lamont Doherty's Secondary School Field Research Program engages High School teachers and students as science interns, working with Lamont scientists.  We operate a 6-week full-time summer internship program, in collaboration with the Harlem Childrens' Society and the Columbia Summer Research Program.  Teachers and students work in the field, collecting samples of water, soil, air, plants and animals in local wetlands, forests and even urban environments.  Teachers and students measure many of their own samples in Lamont laboratories, where they receive training in basic laboratory skills from our research staff.  Through the Columbia Summer Research Program, teachers can participate in collaborative professional development workshops.  Through the The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem, students can get Field Science credits.  The Field Research Program also works with teachers to bring inquiry-based, hands on field and laboratory science into the classroom during the school year.