NCEER-Lamont Strongmo



STRONGMO is part of the NCEER Strong Ground Motion Facility's effort to develop a data base in which strong ground motion data is retrievable over a telecommunications line or a computer network. The tool is still in its experimental stages, so be wary.

Presently the user has the capability to interogate the NCEER Strong Motion Data Base and then retrieve selected strong motion data (both parametric and time-series) via kermit, a communications program developed at Columbia University. The tool also provides the user with the ability to: contact staff at Lamont via electronic mail; find out the latest status of the NCEER/Lamont Digital Strong-Motion Network; and retrieve raw data retrieved from the Network.

The Data Base consists of a comprehensive collection of earth- quake, strong motion record, time-series, and recording site parameters. One of the most important features of the Data Base is that it contains the actual time-histories on-line in a consistent format (the AH format developed at Lamont). The Data Base is in a relational format which allows for complex queries on the data.