Site FAQs


**Please watch this step-by-step video tutorial on how to edit your profile if you still have questions after reading the profile FAQs.

Q. I can't find where to edit my title, profile picture, address, or any of my contact information. How do I make these changes?

A. This information is maintained by the Phone Office. All requests for changes or additions to these fields should be sent to

Q. I typed a name in my student list but no student appears in my profile after I click submit.

A. Students can only appear in these fields if they are Lamont or DEES students. If you wish to list students from other institutions, please do so in the "research statement" field.

Q. What is the "Contributed Content" tab?

A. This page shows all pages in our website for which you are the "author" and have privileges to edit.  This will always include your profile, and any projects for which you are the only PI or the PI that we assigned authorship to. (See item below for further explanation of project authorship.)


Q. There are projects listed in my profile under "Lamont Projects" but I don't see where to add or edit these projects.

A. This is not an editable profile field but rather an automatic display if you are listed as a PI for any of the Lamont Projects, Databases or Facilities that are cataloged on our website.  If you have non Lamont Projects that you would like to appear on your profile, please list them in the research statement field.

If you wish to edit a project that appears here, go to that project's page and click on the "edit" tab. You will now be able to make changes. Please note that your changes will go into moderation for the webmaster to approve before they go live. 

If you don't see the edit tab when you go to the project's page, that means that there is more than one PI for that project. Our system limits each page to only giving one person the ability to edit it so in most cases we chose the first PI listed.  We can easily change the author of that page from one PI to another, or even to another Lamont user if you so wish, just email the webmaster and the web office and we will be happy to help you.

Q. How do I add a new project listing to the website and my profile?

A. First login to the lamont website. To add a new project, database or center, please click on the " Submit Project Listing " link from the left menu. Your lisiting will go into a moderation queue for the webmaster to approve.  Once your listing is approved, it will automatically show up on the website in our Project lists as well as in your profile under "Lamont Projects."

Q. My project already has a whole website, why should I bother making a listing for it on the main LDEO website?

A. There are several advantages to having your project listed on our site:

  • The LDEO website is very highly ranked by google and any links from our site to your project website are advantageous for your google ranking.
  • Having a summary of your project on our website makes your project searchable from the website database.
  • It will appear in the lists of projects, databases and facilities in both the main research pages as well as your division pages.
  • It allows for your projects to automatically be listed in your profile under "Lamont Projects." 
  • It allows for us to link to the project listing page when any news article about you project is published on our website. See at the bottom of this news story for an example of this type of link.


Q. How do I add a research blog or link my existing blog?

A. A research blog is a personal or team log of events for your projects. You may add pictures and descriptions about your current work and display it for the public or your colleagues to read. If you already maintain a blog on a separate website and the blog has an RSS feed. Then you can email the webmaster the link to your RSS feed and we can add it to our website. If you wish to create and maintain a new research blog, then please email the webmaster about your request and we will happily set one up for you and/or your team.


Q. I have publications that don't appear on this list for me to check off. How do I add them?

A. Click here to login to our Publications Database. You will need to use your lamont username and password. Once you have logged in, click on "Add Publications" from the left menu. Fill out the form and click submit.  When you  edit your profile again, you should now see your new publication. You must check the checkbox next to that publication and click submit on your profile and it will show up in your published profile.

Q. When I click on Edit Profile, I see another Lamont researcher's Publications in addition to my own.

A. We are pulling in the publications based on last name and first initial of first name from the Web of Science. We are also filtering on "Lamont". In very rare cases where you share the same exact last name and first initial with another Lamont researcher, you may see their publications when you click on "Edit Profile". As long as you don't select their projects to display, another researcher's projects won't ever appear on your published profile so this should not be a concern.


Q. How can I get news releases posted to the LDEO website?

A. You can contact our Senior Science Writer Mr. Kevin Krajick via email at , or by calling  212-854-9729.  Alternatively, you can contact for more information.

Q. Is there a RSS feed for news releases posted to the LDEO website?

A. Yes.  You can subscribe to these stories by following the link NEW RSS .


Q. How can I get our divisional or research group calendar of events published on the LDEO website?

A. You can use Columbia's Sundial calendar to enter the events into a centrally maintained database.  Contact Events Coordinator at , or by calling 212-854-9745 to get access to Sundial.  LDEO's calendar of events draws its information from Columbia's Sundial calendar.

Q. What is the Sundial calendar?

A. Visit these pages:

Q. Is there a RSS feed for the calendar of events posted to the LDEO website?

A. Yes.  You can subscribe to these events by following the link EVENTS RSS .

The feed can be have queries to limit it to only certain days. For example, you can put:

That link will only show events from June 22nd to June 28th.

You can also add a daysLimit parameter, that will limit the events to a certain number of days:

That link will only show events for the next 7 days.

You can also add a maxEvents parameter that will limit the number of events shown:

That link will only show the next 2 events.