Vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic Coast to Hazards Associated with Extreme Winter Storms

NASA Program on Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science (IDS) award number NNX14AD48G


Collaborators, Affiliations and Roles

Columbia University

  • Yochanan Kushnir, Lamont Research Professor and Principal Investigator
    • Project management; Extratropical Cyclone Tracks (ETC) analysis
    • CV
  • Mingfang Ting, Lamont Research Professor and Co-Investigator
    • Decision theory; Vulnerability
    • CV
  • Raymond Sambrotto, Lamont Associate Research Professor and Co-Investigator
    • Ecosystem vulnerability
    • CV
  • Susana Adamo, Associate Research Scientist, Center for International Earth Science Information Network - CIESIN and Co-Investigator
    • Human vulnerability
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City College of New York

  • James Booth, Assistant Professor and Co-Investigator
    • ETC tracking, analysis and extreme value
    • CV

NASA / GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies)

  • Timothy Hall, Senior Scientist and Co-Investigator
    • Stochastic ETC modeling
    • CV

Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Philip Orton, Assistant Research Professor and Co-Investigator
    • Storm surge and wave modeling
    • CV