Tamam Cruise

Nineteen scientists collected data round the clock for nineteen days: July 1-19, 2008.
The project name, TAMAM (Turkish American MArmara Multichannel) means OK in Turkish.

 Bathymetric map of the Marmara Sea showing the seismic profiles collected during the TAMAM cruise on the Turkish research vessel, the R/V K. Piri Reis in July 2008.  The R/V Piri Reis is operated by the Institute of Marine Science and Technology of Dokuz Eylül Univeristy, Izmir, Turkey.

Left: The 36 m long R/V Koca Piri Reis outside of Istanbul   


Right: co-chief scientist Nano Seeber

Left: Derman and Savas deploy the seismic source, a GI “gun”.       Right: Scientists deploying the 600-m long “streamer”

Left: Collecting data                       Right: Nano Seeber and Chris Sorlien lead interpretation of data