Sir Nicholas Shackleton



Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton FRS received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Cambridge. He was the Director of the Godwin Institute for Quaternary Research and was the third and final director of the Subdepartment of Quaternary Research until 1994.   Professor Shackleton studied climate history and paleoceanography, and has been at the forefront of research in this field since the late 1960's, when he developed the techniques required for high resolution isotope stratigraphy. These methods were used to obtain the first high resolution isotope records showing the history of ice sheet fluctuations during the Qaternary. Prof. Shackleton was knighted in 1998 in recognition of his services to Earth sciences. His many awards and medals include the Crafoord prize (1995) , the Milanovitch medal (1999), the Wollaston medal (1996), the Royal Medal of the Royal Society of London (2003) and the Urey Award (2003). Until August 2003 he was President of INQUA, the International Union for Quaternary Research.