W. Richard Peltier



W. Richard Peltier received his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of British Columbia and his doctoral degree in physics from the University of Toronto.   His research focuses on the area of geophysical fluid dynamics and problems connected with the understanding of processes that control the evolution of the atmosphere, the oceans and the solid Earth and of long timescale climate variability. Peltier is a past recipient of the Sloan, Steacie, Killam and Guggenheim Fellowships and is an elected fellow of the American Geophysical  Union, the American Meteorological Society and the Royal Society of Canada.   He is also a past recipient of the Kirk Bryan Award of the Geological Society of America and the Patterson medal of the Meterological Service of Canada He has been heavily involved in the development of large scale computational infrastructure for Canada since the first NSRC programme was initiated in this area. His current position is as University Professor and Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto.