Tree-Ring Lab
Tree-Ring Research at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

Tree-Ring Lab (TRL) scientists are dedicated to expanding the use and application of tree-ring research around the world to improve our understanding of past climate and environmental history.  Current research concentrates on the use of tree-ring data networks to study regional climate, global climate teleconnections and anthropogenic impacts on forest growth.   >more...

Tree-Ring Lab Highlights

The Asia Monsoon Project

Asia Monsoon

TRL Scientists and collaborators have been scouring Asia in search of ancient trees we can use to reconstruct the monsoon.  This work has resulted in the Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas

The Boreal Forest

Boreal Forrest Research

A long-term focus of the TRL is the climate record of tree-line sites in Asia and North America.  Our recent focus is on the changing response of tree growth to temperature.

Tree-Ring Software

Tree-Ring Software

TRL scientists strongly support the development and sharing of specialized software for the growth and benefit of the tree-ring community.  Our software is available free of charge.