Old Growth

Climate-Growth Relationships of Eastern Hemlock & Chestnut Oak
from the Black Rock Forest in the Highlands of SE New York.
Rosanne D'Arrigo, Dave Lawrence, Ed Cook, W. Schuster, M. Wilijanen & Roy Thetford. in press. Tree-Ring Research


Three eastern hemlock & three chestnut oak ring-width chronologies were constructed from old- & 2nd-growth stands @ Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, NY. These are the first such developed for the highlands of southeastern New York State

Because of Black Rock's proximity to the NYC metro area, tree-ring analyses can yield useful information for for assessing the potential impact of anthropogenic change (e.g., CO2-induced climate effects, CO2 & N fertilization, acid deposition, & severe ozone episodes).

Hemlock growth correlates positively with current July and prior September precipitation, & negatively with prior June temperature (figure above left).

Chestnut oak growth correlates positively with current June-July & prior September and December precipitation, with January temperature, & negatively with current June-July
temperature (figure above right).

Chestnut's correlation w/ January temperatures maybe due to its location near its N range limit in Washington Co., NY