Current Studies

1) Central Mongolia surface temperatures for the past 1700 years.

This study shows unusual warming this century versus the previous 1000 years. It was published in Geophysical Research Letters in 2001 {see Publications below}.

2) An adaptation of a paper reporting the preliminary investigations of temperature and precipitation for central Mongolia is now available online.

3) Annual precipitation reconstruction from 1651 - 1996 for east-central Mongolia.

This study is currently in press. A picture of a typical tree at the site can be seen here!

4) Annual streamflow for the Kherlen River in eastern Mongolia.

This reconstruction (KRS) is currently in press. It was constructed using trees from the Urgun Nars and Zuun Mod [100 Trees] site.

Continuing Studies

We have recently made collections from western Mongolia. An exciting discovery is the sampling of a Siberian larch over 700 years old. This tree was alive when Mongolia ruled much of the Asian continent under Khublai Khaan! We will continue to build a network of tree-ring sites to further explore climate characteristics within the region of Mongolia.