1) Several chronologies are in the final stages of development along the Kotuikan River. These include deciduous Dahurian larch chronologies, and an evergreen Siberian spruce site. We anticipate the evergreen and deciduous species will be influenced by different 'seasonal windows'.

A photo of a Dahurian larch cross section that was preserved in permafrost shows how slowly trees grow in this extreme northern environment.

2) We are making significant progess in building an annually resolved long chronology of tree growth at the Lukunska River site. Currently we have a series composed of living and relict Dahurian larch which extends back to 1130 AD, and are still trying to incorporate more subfossil and submerged samples. A photo of Gordon Jacoby shows the joys of obtaining submerged samples.

3) In the recent Jacoby et al. (2000) paper a regional reconstruction of May- September temperatures was made by using chronologies from 4 different sites. This reconstruction shows the very cold 19th century as well as the unusually warm 20th century.

4) Here is Neil Pederson displaying a bunch of samples cut from dead trees during the 1999 field season. These helped to extend our record at the Lukunska River site..