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No longer at LDEO: 
Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Biology and Paleo Environment
205C Geoscience
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8189
(845) 365-8150


List of degrees from highest to lowest:
University of Massachusetts
Northern Arizona University
Union College

Selected Publications:

Investigating the use of scanning XRF to locate cryptotephra in minerogenic lacustrine sediment: Experimental results Balascio, N.L.; Francus, P.; Bradley, R.S.; Schupack, B.B.; Miller, G.H.; Kvisvik, B.; Bakke, J.; Thordarson, T. p.: 305-324 (2015)
Arctic Holocene proxy climate database – New approaches to assessing geochronological accuracy and encoding climate variables Sundqvist, H.S.; Kaufman, D.S.; McKay, N.P.; Balascio, N.L.; Briner, J.P.; Cwynar, L.C.; Sejrup, H.P.; Seppä, H.; Subetto, D.A.; Andrews, J.T.; Axford, Y.; Bakke, J.; Birks, H.J.B.; Brooks, S.J.; de Vernal, A.; Jennings, A.; Ljungqvist, F.C.; Ruhland, K.; Climate of the Past Volume: 10 p.: 1605-1631 (2014)
Locating cryptotephra in lake sediments using fluid imaging technology D’Anjou, R.M.; Balascio, N.L.; Bradley, R.S. Journal of Paleolimnology Volume: 52 p.: 257-264 (2014)
Biogeochemical evidence for hydrologic changes during the Holocene in a lake record from southeast Greenland Balascio, N.L.; D'Andrea, W.J.; Bradley, R.S.; Perren, B.B. The Holocene Volume: 23 p.: 1428-1439 (2013) 10.1177/0959683613493938
Mild Little Ice Age and unprecedented recent warmth in an 1800 year lake sediment record from Svalbard D'Andrea, W.J.; Vaillencourt, D.A.; Balascio, N.L.; Werner, A.; Roof, S.R.; Retelle, M.; Bradley, R.S. Geology Volume: 40 Issue: 11 p.: 1007-1010 (2012) 10.1130/G33365.1
Climate impacts on human settlement and agricultural activities in northern Norway: new insights from biogeochemistry D’Anjou, R.M.; Bradley, R.S.; Balascio, N.L.; Finkelstein, D.B. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Volume: 109 p.: 20332-20337 (2012)
Evaluating Holocene climate change in northern Norway using sediment records from two contrasting lake systems Balascio, N.L.; Bradley, R.S. Journal of Paleolimnology Volume: 48 p.: 259-273 (2012)
Vegetation responses to rapid climatic changes during the last deglaciation 13 500 – 8000 years ago on southwest Andøya, arctic Norway Aarnes, I.; Bjune, A.; Birks, H.H.; Balascio, N.L.; Bakke, J.; Blaauw, M. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany Volume: 21 p.: 17-35 (2012)
A multi-proxy approach to assessing isolation basin stratigraphy from the Lofoten Islands, Norway Balascio, N.L.; Zhang, Z.; Bradley, R.S.; Perren, B.; Dahl, S.O.; Bakke, J. Quaternary Research Volume: 75 p.: 288-300 (2011)
Distal cryptotephra found in a Viking boathouse: the potential for tephrochronology in reconstructing the Iron Age in Norway Balascio, N.L.; Wickler, S.; Narmo, L.E.; Bradley, R.S. Journal of Archaeological Science Volume: 38 p.: 934-941 (2011)
Equilibrium-line altitudes during the last glacial maximum across the Brooks Range, Alaska Balascio, N.L.; Kaufman, D.S.; Manley, W.F. Journal of Quaternary Science Volume: 20 p.: 821-838 (2005)
Late Pleistocene glacial geology of the Okpilak-Kongakut Rivers region, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Balascio, N.L.; Kaufman, D.S.; Briner, J.P.; Manley, W.F. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research Volume: 37 p.: 416-424 (2005)