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Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Earth and Environmental Sciences


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Selected Publications:

Use of strontium isotopes in detrital sediments to constrain the glacial position of the Agulhas Retroflection Franzese, A. M.; Hemming, S. R.; Goldstein, S. L. Paleoceanography Volume: 24 (2009) 10.1029/2008PA001706
Modeling the particle flux effect on distribution of 230Th in the equatorial Pacific Siddall, M.; Anderson, R.F.; Winkler, G.; Henderson, G.M.; Bradtmiller, L.I.; McGee, D.; Franzese, A.; Stocker, T.F.; Müller, S.A. Paleoceanography Volume: 23 Issue: PA2208 (2008) 10:1020/2007PA001556
Strontium isotope tracing of terrigenous sediment dispersal in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: Implications for constraining frontal positions Hemming, S. R.; van de Flierdt, T.; Goldstein, S. L.; Franzese, A. M.; Roy, M.; Gastineau, G.; Landrot, G. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems Jun 13 Volume: 8 p.: - (2007) Doi 10.1029/2006gc001441
Reduced Agulhas Leakage during the Last Glacial Maximum inferred from an integrated provenance and flux study Franzese, A. M.; Hemming, S. R.; Goldstein, S. L.; Anderson, R. F. Earth and Planetary Science Letters Oct 15 Volume: 250 Issue: 1-2 p.: 72-88 (2006) DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2006.07.002