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No longer at LDEO: 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
437 Comer
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8629
(845) 365-8155


Fields of interest: 
Glacial geomorphology, palaeoclimate of the tropics and Antarctica, tropical glaciers and hydrology

My research incorporates glacial geoology and cosmogenic geochronology methods to reconstruct late-Quaternary and Holocene climate behaviour. Specific interests include palaeoclimate of the tropical Andes, causes of late-glacial abrupt climate events, and the future evolution of tropical glaciers and hydrology. My work also concerns past, present, and future stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, as well as palaeoclimate-archaeologic links in the high Andes.

Current projects include:

  • Timing and structure of the last glacial maximum and termination in southern Peru
  • Late-glacial chronology of the Loch Lomond ice cap, Scotland
  • Modelling the contribution of tropical glaciers to local hydrology
  • Geologic constraint of ice-sheet thickness in the Ross Sea at the last glacial maximum
  • The role of deglaciation in volcanism



List of degrees from highest to lowest:
PhD Earth Science
University of Maine
MS Quaternary and Climate Studies
University of Maine
BSc Geography
University of St. Andrews

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Selected Publications:

Late Pleistocene snowline fluctuations at Nevado Coropuna (15S), southern Peruvian Andes Bromley, G.R.M., Hall, B.L., Rademaker, K.M., Todd, C.E., Racoviteanu, A.E. Journal of Quaternary Science Volume: 26 p.: DOI: 10.1002/jqs.1424 (2011)
A glacier advance in the Peruvian Andes during the late glacial period constrained with cosmogenic He-3 Bromley, G R M; Hall, B; Schaefer, J M; Winckler, G; Todd, C E; Rademacher, K M Journal of Quaternary Science (2010)
Late Cenozoic deposits at Reedy Glacier, Transantarctic Mountains: implications for former thickness of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Bromley, G.R.M., Hall, B.L., Stone, J.O., Conway, H., Todd, C.E. Quaternary Science Reviews Volume: 29 p.: 384-398 (2010)
Relative timing of last glacial maximum and late-glacial events in the central tropical Andes Bromley, G R M; Schaefer, J M; Winckler, G; Hall, B L; Todd, C E; Rademaker, K M Quaternary Science Reviews Volume: 28 p.: 2514 (2009)