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Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Marine Geology and Geophysics


Fields of interest: 
Mid-ocean ridges, oceanic crust, subduction zones, transform boundaries, multi-channel and wide-angle seismics

I am a marine geophysicist specialized in active source (reflection and refraction) seismic imaging. My research interests include mid-ocean ridge processes, the structure and evolution of oceanic crust and uppermost mantle, subduction zone processes and submarine strike-slip fault systems. I am also interested in airgun source modeling and underwater sound propagation. 


Current projects:

- Study of the structure, evolution and hydration of the Juan de Fuca plate along a ridge-to-trench wide-angle reflection-refraction transect (Endeavour segment to Washington margin) and Cascadia subduction zone structure in Washington

- 3D multi-channel seismic imaging of the axial magma lens and seismic layer 2A at the East Pacific Rise 9 50'N Ridge 2000 Integrated Study Site

- Bending-related faulting and subduction of oceanic reliefs at the southern and central Sumatra margin using seismic reflection profiles of the 2009 CGGVeritas survey and multibeam bathymetry

- Airgun source/ sound propagation modeling for marine mammal mitigation

 Cruises since 2007: R/V Langseth 3D seismic shakedown in the Gulf of Mexico (January 2008), 3D MCS cruise MGL0812 at the East Pacific Rise 9 50'N (June-August 2008), CGGVeritas - M/V Wavefield Inseis long-offset survey of the Sumatra subduction zone (May 2009), R/V Langseth JMS inspection (March 2011), Cruise 0C1206A on the Juan de Fuca plate and Cascadia subduction zone (June-July 2012)

Research Blog: http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/research/blogs/cascadia-in-motion

List of degrees from highest to lowest:
Ph.D., Geophysics
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France
Ecole de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, France
DEA (~MSc), Geophysics
Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

Selected Publications:

Fine-scale segmentation of the crustal magma reservoir beneath the East Pacific Rise Carbotte, S.M.; Marjanovic, M.; Carton, H.; Mutter, J.C.; Canales, J.P.; Nedimovic, M.R.; Han, S.; Perfit, M. Nature Geoscience Volume: 6 p.: 866-870 (2013) doi:10.1038/ngeo1933
Deep seismic reflection images of the Wharton Basin oceanic crust and uppermost mantle offshore northern Sumatra: Relation with active and past deformation Carton, H.; Singh, S.C.; Hananto, N.; Martin, J.; Djajadihardja, Y.; Udrekh; Franke, D.; Gaedicke, C. Journal of Geophysical Research (2013)
Network of off-axis melt bodies at the East Pacific Rise Canales, J.P.; Carton, H.; Carbotte, S.M.; Mutter, J.; Nedimovic, M.; Xu, M.; Aghaei, O.; Marjanovic, M.; Newman, K. Nature Geoscience Volume: 5 p.: 279-283 (2012) doi:10.1038/ngeo1377
Aseismic zone and earthquake segmentation associated with a deep subducted seamount Singh, S.C.; Hananto, N.; Mukti, M.; Robinson, D.; Das, S.; Chauhan, A.; Carton, H.; Gratacos, B.; Midenet, S.; Djajadihardja, Y.; Harjono, H. Nature Geoscience Volume: 4 p.: 308-311 (2011) doi:10.1038/ngeo1119
Seismic evidence for Neogene and active shortening offshore of Lebanon (Shalimar cruise) Carton, H.; Singh, S. C.; Tapponnier, P.; Elias, A.; Briais, A.; Sursock, A.; Jomaa, R.; King, G. C. P.; Daeron, M.; Jacques, E.; Barrier, L. Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth Jul 24 Volume: 114 p.: - (2009) Doi 10.1029/2007jb005391
Seismic evidence for broken oceanic crust in the 2004 Sumatra earthquake epicentral region Singh, S. C.; Carton, H.; Tapponnier, P.; Hananto, N. D.; Chauhan, A. P. S.; Hartoyo, D.; Bayly, M.; Moeljopranoto, S.; Bunting, T.; Christie, P.; Lubis, H.; Martin, J. Nature Geoscience Nov Volume: 1 Issue: 11 p.: 777-781 (2008) Doi 10.1038/Ngeo336
Seismic imaging of the three-dimensional architecture of the Cinarcik Basin along the North Anatolian Fault Carton, H.; Singh, S. C.; Hirn, A.; Bazin, S.; de Voogd, B.; Vigner, A.; Ricolleau, A.; Cetin, S.; Ocakoglu, N.; Karakoc, F.; Sevilgen, V. Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth Jun 21 Volume: 112 Issue: B6 p.: - (2007) Doi 10.1029/2006jb004548
Thrusting offshore Mt Lebanon: source of the tsunamigenic, 551 AD Beyrut-Tripoli earthquake Elias, A.; Tapponnier, P.; Singh, S.C.; King, G.; Briais, A.; Daëron, M.; Carton, H.; Sursock, A.; Jacques, E.; Jomaa, R.; Klinger, Y. Geology Volume: 35 Issue: 8 p.: 755-758 (2007)
Discovery of a magma chamber and faults beneath a Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal field Singh, S. C.; Crawford, W. C.; Carton, H.; Seher, T.; Combier, V.; Cannat, M.; Canales, J. P.; Dusunur, D.; Escartin, J.; Miranda, J. M. Nature Aug 31 Volume: 442 Issue: 7106 p.: 1029-1032 (2006) Doi 10.1038/Nature05105