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No longer at LDEO: 
Graduate Student
Earth and Environmental Sciences
107 Comer
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8454
(845) 365-8155


Fields of interest: 
Isotope geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, marine biogeochemistry

My research interests involve the application of major elements, trace elements and isotopes to investigate the interface between climate, biogeochemistry, and the environment. I am particularly interested in the tropics, and my recent projects have included stable isotope (dD) geochemistry in Ethiopia, redox (Fe, Cr, U) variability in Indonesia, and productivity and dust (231Pa/230Th, 232Th, d15N) fluctuations in the Central Equatorial Pacific. In my upcoming work, I will investigate the relationship between volcanism and global climate change at orbital timescales by tracking changes in hydrothermal vent activity as recorded in marine sediment cores from the Juan de Fuca Ridge.

List of degrees from highest to lowest:
Sc. B.
Brown University
Honors & Awards: 
2014 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

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Selected Publications:

Isotopic reconstruction of the African Humid Period and Congo Air Boundary migration at Lake Tana, Ethiopia Costa, K.; Russell, J.; Konecky, B.; Lamb, H. Quaternary Science Reviews Volume: 83 p.: 58-67 (2014)
Glacial forcing of central Indonesian hydroclimate since 60,000 yr B.P Russell, J.M.; Vogel, H.; Konecky, B.L.; Bijaksana, S.; Huang, Y.; Melles, M.; Wattrus, N.; Costa, K.; King, J.W. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science p.: 2-7 (2014)
Hydrological connectivity and mixing of Lake Towuti, Indonesia in response to paleoclimatic changes over the last 60,000 years Costa, K.; Russell, J.; Vogel, H.; Bijaksana, S. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (2014)