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Earth and Environmental Sciences
Seismology Geology and Tectonophysics
203 Seismology
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Fields of interest: 
seismology, volcanology, data analysis, inverse theory

A few years ago I stood on still-warm aa lava recently erupted from a volcanic fissure in Iceland. Somehow that fissure, and others like it along the earth's ridge axes, are responsible for making two-thirds of the earth's crust, including almost all the Atlantic Ocean's floor. Standing on a fissure, I can't see how that process happens. Crustal formation starts 100 km under my feet, well below the depth to which informed speculation based on field geology can penetrate.

Hence, I rely mainly on seismic tomography techniques that form images of earth's deep interior in much the same way that physicians' CAT scanners probe the human body.

I have applied tomographic imaging techniques to ridge axes and volcanoes in Iceland, fault systems in California, and mountains in the Himalayas. I also have a long-standing interest in improving and extending data analysis techniques that underlie interpreting modern digital data. I am always asking whether we can make a new type of measurement - or process standard measurements in a novel way - to improve images of earth structures.

Some of projects include:

  • Earthquake Location Methodology ( details )
  • Raytracing & 3D Tomography ( details )
  • Seismic Anisotropy ( details )
  • Magma Chambers along the Juan de Fuca Ridge ( details )



List of degrees from highest to lowest:
Columbia Univeristy
B.S., M.S.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honors & Awards: 
Presidential Young Investigator 1986
Fellow of the American Geophysical Union 1992

Lamont Projects:

Advisor List:

Selected Publications:

The cross-convolution method for interpreting SKS splitting observations, with application to one and two-layer anisotropic earth models Menke, W.; Levin, V. Geophysical Journal International Aug Volume: 154 Issue: 2 p.: 379-392 (2003)
Magma storage beneath axial volcano on the Juan de Fuca mid-ocean ridge West, M.; Menke, W.; Tolstoy, M.; Webb, S.; Sohn, R. Nature Oct 25 Volume: 413 Issue: 6858 p.: 833-836 (2001)