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Adjunct Senior Research Scientist
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Biology and Paleo Environment
Tree Ring Lab
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8152


Fields of interest: 
Paleoclimatology, Drought and Hydrometeorological Reconstructions, Climate Change, Dendrochronology, Science Education & Outreach, Paleoarchaeology, Sustainability, Climate Risk Management
List of degrees from highest to lowest:
Ph. D.
Rutgers University

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Selected Publications:

A tree-ring-based drought index reconstruction for far-western Mongolia: 1565-2004 Davi, N. K.; Jacoby, G. C; D'Arrigo, R.; Baatarbileg, N.; Li, J.; Curtis, A. E. Journal of Climatology Volume: 29 Issue: 10 p.: 1508 - 1514 (2009) 10.1002/joc.1798
Extension of drought records for central Asia using tree rings: West-central Mongolia Davi, N. K.; Jacoby, G. C.; Curtis, A. E.; Baatarbileg, N. Journal of Climate Jan Volume: 19 Issue: 2 p.: 288-299 (2006)
Tree-ring reconstruction of Crimean drought and lake chronology correction Solomina, O.; Davi, N.; D'Arrigo, R.; Jacoby, G. Geophysical Research Letters Oct 4 Volume: 32 Issue: 19 p.: - (2005) Doi 10.1029/2005gl023335
The effect of growing season and summer greenness on northern forests Kaufmann, R. K.; D'Arrigo, R. D.; Laskowski, C.; Myneni, R. B.; Zhou, L.; Davi, N. K. Geophysical Research Letters May 7 Volume: 31 Issue: 9 p.: - (2004) Doi 10.1029/2004gl019608
Thresholds for warming-induced growth decline at elevational tree line in the Yukon Territory, Canada D'Arrigo, R. D.; Kaufmann, R. K.; Davi, N.; Jacoby, G. C.; Laskowski, C.; Myneni, R. B.; Cherubini, P. Global Biogeochemical Cycles Sep 24 Volume: 18 Issue: 3 p.: - (2004) Doi 10.1029/2004gb002249
Boreal temperature variability inferred from maximum latewood density and tree-ring width data, Wrangell Mountain region, Alaska Davi, N. K.; Jacoby, G. C.; Wiles, G. C. Quaternary Research Nov Volume: 60 Issue: 3 p.: 252-262 (2003) Doi 10.1016/S0033-5894(03)00115-7
Eolian response to Little Ice Age climate change, Tana dunes, Chugach Mountains, Alaska, USA Wiles, G. C.; McAllister, R. P.; Davi, N. K.; Jacoby, G. C. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research Feb Volume: 35 Issue: 1 p.: 67-73 (2003)
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Warm-season annual to decadal temperature variability for Hokkaido, Japan, inferred from maximum latewood density (AD 1557-1990) and ring width data (AD 1532-1990) Davi, N.; D'Arrigo, R.; Jacoby, G.; Buckley, B.; Kobayashi, O. Climatic Change Jan Volume: 52 Issue: 1-2 p.: 201-217 (2002)