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No longer at LDEO: 
Adjunct Associate Research Scientist
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
UC Davis, Earth Planetary Sciences
1 Shields Avenue
(530) 752-0350


Fields of interest: 
Experimental petrology, Mantle heterogeneities, Upper mantle processes, Reaction-driven cracking, CO2 storage via in situ mineral carbonation

I'm an experimental petrologist.

My primary research is focused on the understanding of mantle melting and basalt genesis processes. This part of my research is articulated on the role of mantle heterogeneities and magma-rock interactions in the genesis of basalt. I discuss this topic via an experimental approach coupled to thermodynamical modeling.

After I joined the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, I added fluid-rock interactions to my research program. I work to constrain the conditions for witch reactive cracking may happen. Reaction-driven cracking could be important in geological capture and storage of CO2 as it is essential for in situ mineral carbonation methods to maintain or enhance permeability and reactive surface area.

List of degrees from highest to lowest:
PhD (Petrology)
Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Blaise Pascal U., Clermont-Ferrand - FR
Master of Science (Earth Sciences)
Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Blaise Pascal U., Clermont-Ferrand - FR

Selected Publications:

Experimental derivation of nepheline syenite and phonolite liquids by partial melting of upper mantle peridotites Laporte, D.; Lambart, S; Schiano, P; Ottolini, L. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2014)
Quantifying lithological variability in the mantle Shorttle, O.; Maclennan, J.; Lambart, S. Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume: 395 p.: 24-40 (2013) 10.1016/j.epsl.2014.03.040
Markers of the pyroxenite contribution on the major-element compositions of oceanic basalts: Review of the experimental constraints Lambart, S.; Laporte, D.; Schiano, P. Lithos Volume: 160-161 p.: 14-36 (2013) doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2012.11.018
Fate of pyroxenite-derived melts in the peridotitic mantle: Thermodynamic and experimental constraints Lambart, S; Laporte,D.; Provost, A; Schiano, P. Journal of Petrology Volume: 53 Issue: 3 p.: 451-476 (2012)
An experimental study of pyroxenite partial melts at 1 and 1.5 GPa: Implications for the major element composition of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts Lambart, S; Laporte,D; Schiano, P Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume: 288 Issue: 1-2 p.: 335-347 (2009)