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Table of contents

Chapter 10

Energy in the News

Electrical Generation vs Time

General Trends

Use of Coal, Natural Gas and Petroleum by Utilities

Restructuring of the Utilities

Utilities: Why Change?

Deregulation History

Problems with Deregulation

Good Aspects of Deregulation

Energy Trends

Electrical Charges and Currents

Semi-Conductors and Insulators

Electrical Force

Electrical Current

Battery Driven Electrical Motor


Components of a Battery

Pb-acid batteries

Important Battery Characteristics

Battery Design

Lemon Power Runs a Calculator

Battery Characteristics (for electric cars)

Types of Batteries

Electrical Vehicles

How an Electrical Vehicle Works

Electrical Vehicles:Why?

Electrical Cars: Pros and Cons

Hybrid Vehicles

Two Hybrids on the Market

How Insight gets 70 mpg!! This is a new record!!

Emissions Reduction

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