William Menke
Professor of Geological Sciences
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Basics of Inversion

I first taught this four lecture minicourse on Inverse Theory at U. Alaska Firbanks in 2009. Course Material includes lectures and MatLab scripts.

Dynamics of the Earth System

This is a course on how to model the behavior of earth and environmental system, including atmospheric circulation, the cooling of the solid earth, the transport of pollution by wind, etc. I have not taught this course recently; its been more or less discontinued. (Class notes).

Energy Resources

(normally Is a course taught by Dr. Abbott; I have just filled in occasionally. It covers the basics of where the world gets its energy. (Energy Resource Web Pages).

Environmental Data Analysis

This undergraduate course teaches how to make useful scientific inferences from reams of raw data. (Class notes).

Environmental Hazards and Disasters

Hazards covered by this course include earthquakes, volcanos, floods, meteor impacts, etc. I have taught it jointly with Dr. Klaus Jacob of LDEO. Some course material here

Frontiers of Science

I am a secion instructor for this required undergaduate science survey course. Course Material

Geophysical Inverse Theory

This course on the application of inverse theory to geophysical problems uses the text and associated lecture series of my book Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory, MATLAB edition

Introduction to Seismology

This undergraduate course covers methods of observational seismology, including: learning to read seismograms to using them to study earthquakes and the faulting process, as well as the internal structure of the earth. Course material

Practical Seismology

Seminar on Practical Seismology Course Material

Solid Earth System

Part of the 3 semester Environmental Science coure curriculum called "The Earth System". Course Material

Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis

Data Analysis for Earth and Climate Sciences. Doug martinson and I teach this course on alternate years. My version of the course now uses the test and associated lecture series of my and Josh Menke's text, Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab. An older lecture set is (here). A new lecture set is (here).