Web Pages of Databases

Dallas' Maine Topo Map Collection

LDEO Climage Data Catalog, a wide variety of ocean, atmosphere and earth science data. (List of data by categories.

LDEO Core Catalog of deep sea sediment cores.

National Center for Earthquake Enginering Research eartquake strong motion accelerogram STRONGMO database.

Mid Ocean Ridge Ocean Floor database of mutibeam bathymetry and petrology.

USGS National Water-use maps.

USGS National Water Quality data (in inscrutable puch-card image format).

USGS Unites States Surface Water Data Retrieval System. (Daily discharge data for rivers in the US).

Today's Weather, via Purdue's WXP Weather Processor.

USGS's Seismic Moment Tensors for recent earthquakes.

USGS's EPIC earthquake hypocentral database.

SPYDER earthquake database.

Traveltime curve

Ms magnitude formula

IPCC Report Summaries

Ethiopia Data