Bill Menke
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Three short papers that might give you a sense of my approach to geophysics are:

A paper that uses seismic attenuation data to show that the crust of Iceland cannot contain large quantities of partial melt (as had been previously been hypothesized):
Menke. W. and V. Levin, Cold crust in a hot spot, Geophys. Res. Lett. 21, 1967-1970, 1994.

A paper that develops a new data-processing method for identifying and quantifying seismic anisotropy:
Menke, W. and V. Levin, The Cross-Convolution Method for Interpreting SKS Splitting Observations, with Application to One and Two Layer Anisotropic Earth Models, in Geophys. J. Int 15, 379-392, 2003.

A paper that uses seismic data to identify magma beneath a Mid-Ocean Ridge:
Menke, W., M. West and M. Tolstoy, Shallow crustal magma chamber beneath the axial high of the Coaxial Segment of Juan de Fuca Ridge at the "Source Site" of the 1993 eruption, Geology 30, 359-362, 2002.

Publication List

While at Columbia

Works in Preparation and Submitted

Stuart, L. & Menke, W. (2020). All These Things Won't Always Be, a brother and sister face their mothers advancing dementia (Memoir, 200pp),

Works in Press

138. Menke, W. (2022), Environmental Data Analysis with MATLAB or Python, Third Edition (textbook), Elsevier, in press, expected August 2022.

Published Works

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