October 22, 2010
2010 W.S. Jardetzsky Lecture


Stephen R. Rintoul
CSIRO Fellow
Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research

Steve Rintoul is a physical oceanographer with a long-standing interest in the Southern Ocean and its role in the earth system. His scientific interests include the dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, the Southern Ocean overturning circulation, water mass formation, and the influence of Southern Ocean currents on biological productivity and biogeochemical cycles.

The Jardetzky lecture in geophysics honors the late Wenceslas S. Jardetzky, a renowned researcher and educator whose flourishing scientific career in Europe was halted by World War II and revived after he emigrated to the United States. From 1949 until his death in 1962, he was a research associate at Lamont-Doherty.

The Jardetzky lecture was established in 1992 by Dr. Jardetzky’s son Oleg.