January 25, 2011
Welcomes Science and Nature Lovers of All Ages

On a crisp autumn Saturday, Oct. 2, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory opened its doors to the community for its annual Open House: a day of free lectures, demonstrations and workshops for adults and children.

This year’s theme, "Earth on Alert," highlighted work by Lamont-Doherty scientists on hazards that have dominated recent headlines—the Gulf oil spill, the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, and the Iceland volcano.

The event, which drew over three thousand people, featured activities for science enthusiasts of all ages, including a walking tour of the Lamont forest led by tree ring scientists and a display of old and current earthquake-monitoring seismometers. Other activities and presentations included a panel discussion on careers for students with advanced science degrees; an exhibit simulating an erupting volcano; and faculty lectures on subjects such as hurricanes and climate change, and clean drinking water in Bangladesh.