April 18, 2017


Mark Cane
G. Unger Vetlesen Professor Emeritus of Earth & Climate Sciences, Columbia University
Founder, Master of Arts Program in Climate & Society
S. George Philander
Knox-Taylor Professor of Geoscience
Princeton University

Mark Cane: The ENSO Mechanism: What’s Under the Hood

How does ENSO work? The "delayed oscillator" and the "recharge-discharge" are both insightful paradigms, but neither comes as close to capturing the essence of ENSO as Wyrtki did in his 1985 paper. No equations. If there is time left, I will add a brief meditation on “the surf n’ turf: Communicating science.” It is often said that in this Anthropocene Age, what we have here is a failure of communication and we scientists are at fault. Not so.

S. George Philander: The Hedgehog and the Fox: A Nelson Mandela Perspective on Global Warming

In this lecture I will argue that, at present especially, the rich can benefit from familiarity with the perspective of the poor on the divisive, polarizing topic of global warming. Laymen, rich and poor, should know more science. How will they benefit? What is it we think they should know? Audience members are strongly encouraged to watch, at their leisure, the first four minutes of the video “A Private Universe” at www.learner.org/resources/series28.html