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B.Sc. 1983  Brown University
Ph.D. 1989 M.I.T.

          Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
          61 Rte. 9W
          Palisades, NY 10964   USA

Title:  Doherty Senior Research Scientist
Also:  Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth and Environ. Sci.
Also:  MARGINS Office Chair
Office:  108 Seismology
Phone:  (845) 365-8539   Fax:  (845) 365-8150
email: abers  followed by  @ldeo.columbia.edu

Research Interests

(these are some old pages being migrated to Lamont)

    MOOS Project Page -  Multidisciplinary Observatories Of Subduction

    BEAAR Project Page -  Broadband Experiment Across the Alaska Range

    TUCAN Project Page – Central America broadband experiment


Curriculum Vitae

The MARGINS Office at Lamont-Doherty


03 July 2008