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4/28/18 A technical brief on our IP Predictive building management system for improved energy efficiency in smart buildings is now online and is available for licensing.

2/06/18 Roger Anderson's Vita here.

9/23/08 New Book on Computer Aided Lean Management. Available at Amazon

Computer-Aided Lean Management for the Energy Industry
by Roger N. Anderson, Albert Boulanger, John A. Johnson, and Arthur Kressner
ISBN: 978-1-59370-157-4

7/23/07 LEAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT-12: Gas-to-electricity real options can provide deepwater strategic, operational flexibility, Oil&Gas Journal July 23, 2007, (OGJ login required)

6/28/07 CALM Tutorial

5/15/06 LEAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT-11: Martingale control of 4D reservoir performance provides constant watch on field profitability, Oil&Gas Journal May 15, 2006, (OGJ login required)

9/19/05 LEAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT-10: How Martingale stochastic control navigates computer-aided lean energy management, Oil&Gas Journal September 19, 2005 , (OGJ login required)

5/9/05 Lean Energy Management-9: Boosting, support vector machines and reinforcement learning in computer-aided lean management, Oil&Gas Journal May 9, 2005 (OGJ login required)

3/7/05 Use of matrices in computer-aided lean energy management, Oil&Gas Journal March 7, 2005 (OGJ login required)

11/30/04 Our 4D SeisRes US patent has been issued: 6,826,483: Petroleum reservoir simulation and characterization system and method

11/22/04 Knowledge management and computational learning for lean energy management, Oil&Gas Journal November 22, 2004 (OGJ login required)

6/28/04 Ultradeep offshore suitability matrix for estimating value of Lean Processes, Oil&Gas Journal June 28, 2004 (OGJ login required)

3/11/04 Economist article with quotes from Roger Anderson, Building the Energy Internet

3/1/04 Our article in the premier issue of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers's new magizine Power & Energy, Smart Grids and the American Way

1/28/04 Our Smart Grid White Paper, Smart Electric Grid of the Future: A National ?Distributed Store-Gen? & Resource Page

11/24/03 Enterprise-wide systems integration needed in ultradeepwater operations, Oil&Gas Journal November 24, 2003 (OGJ login required)

10/30/03 Roger Anderson's Talk,  Shocked by the Dark: The Great Blackout of August 14, 2003 and What to Do About it. Web Presentation or 22 Meg (large!) PowerPoint slide set.

9/23/03 Our Earth Institute press release: Development Of A Smart Energy Plan Is Underway To Prevent Future Blackouts And Meet The Nations Growth Needs

8/25/03 Flexible manufacturing techniques make ultradeep water attractive to independents, Oil&Gas Journal August 25, 2003 (OGJ login required)

6/30/03 How to realize LEM benefits in ultradeepwater oil and gas, Oil&Gas Journal June 30, 2003 (OGJ login required)

5/30/03 Ultradeepwater oil-gas development: Designing uncertainty into the enterprise, Oil&Gas Journal May 19, 2003 (OGJ login required)

3/31/03 ScienceDaily News 3/31/2003 Release Tens Of Billions Of Additional Barrels Of Oil Remain To Be Tapped Miles Below Gulf Of Mexico, Cornell Geologist Says

3/17/03 LEAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT-1- Lean energy management required for economic ultradeepwater development ,Oil&Gas Journal March 17, 2003 (OGJ login required)

3/12/03 Future Natural Gas Supplies & the Ultra-Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, EnergyPulse

1/24/03 Download the white paper: Prospectivity of the Ultra-Deepwater Gulf of Mexico (revision)

11/21/02 Planet Earth course material taught by Roger Anderson.

10/22/02 View a ThreatSim related article in the July 2001 CIO Insight with Roger Anderson on the panel. -- Power Shortage. (PDF)

10/18/02 See our EnergyPulse paper -- ThreatSim: Securing Wattage When It?s Needed.

8/30/02 Learn about, ThreatSim: A Threat Simulator for Training Power Control System Operators & War Gaming.

8/27/02 View the talk, The 4D Paradigm Shift: Impact on the Oil Industry, to Prudential Securities, Inc, 2/97.

8/16/02 Visit our Lean Energy Initiative:Better Design/Build/Operate Technologies for the Ultra Deepwater http://leanenergy.ldeo.columbia.edu

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We have taken 4D to new places and applications beyond seismic. This new website describes our 4D journey.

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