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Would you be interested in a new
Lamont PM consortium?

Email Roger Anderson if so!
Phone: (845) 365 8335

Description of
the Lamont
Portfolio Management



In conjunction with John I Howell & Company, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory has established the Portfolio Management Consortium with member companies from the oil and gas industry. Portfolio Management is a strategic decision support tool. It helps decision-makers reframe and evaluate decisions in terms of total business performance not just the characteristic of individual projects or prospects.

The Consortium's mission is to provide companies with portfolio management services and technologies which help them evaluate opportunities and optimize the balance of their risk, profit and growth. Its program includes consultations with individual companies, quarterly meetings and software development.

The benefits of Consortium membership include:

Lamont is the Earth Sciences research division of Columbia University. It has enjoyed a working relationship with the petroleum industry for 50 years. Its scientists have expertise in reservoir monitoring, basin analysis, and rock mechanics. John Howell has 21 years experience in the petroleum industry experience and 10+ years quantitative decisions experience

If you are interested in more information on the consortium, please contact John I. Howell, jihowell@portfoliodecisions.com (713) 984-7644 or Roger Anderson at Lamont anderson@ldeo.columbia.edu (845) 365-8335.


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