Dr. David Frank coring a 500+ yr old N. sylvatica in Lincoln Mountain State Foest, NY

(photo ©2006 Neil Pederson)

Drs. Marc Abrams and Emily Russell in front of a 1+ m DBH N. sylvatica in Bear Swamp, NJ

(photo ©2006 Neil Pederson)

Species Age
ID Location Collector(s), Dater(s), Reference(s)
Nyssa sylvatica 679 XD -- NH Dan Sperduto; P. Krusic; Sperduto et al., 2000
Nyssa sylvatica 567 XD -- NH P. Krusic, D. Sperduto, R. Villalba, ???; N.A. Dendro Fieldweek 19??
Nyssa sylvatica 565 XD RG17a Greenfield Ctr, NY D. Frank & N. Pederson; N. Pederson

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