An old Pinus palustris in the Sprewell Bluff Wildlife Management Area on the Piedmont in Georgia. The tree pictured is not the oldest one listed below. This tree appeared older, but was hollow

(photo ©2006 Troy Knight)

A 343 yr-old Pinus palustris in the world-famous Greenwood Plantation [well, it should be world-famous!]. There are likely older Pinus palustris in these and surrounding woods.

(photo ©2006 Troy Knight)

Species Age
ID Location Collector(s), Dater(s), Reference(s)
Pinus palustris 458 XD -- Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve, NC J.T. Ortegren & P. Knapp
Pinus palustris 381 XD -- Shoal Creek Ranger District, Talladega N.F. - pith = 1547, outer ring = 1928 A.M. Bale & M.C. Stambaugh
Pinus palustris 354 XD SPB35 Sprewell Bluff Wildlife Management Area, Meriwether County, GA (on the Piedmont) T. Knight
Pinus palustris 343 XD GWP18 Greenwood Plantation, Thomas County, GA (Coastal Plain) T. Knight and Heather Williams
Pinus palustris 278 XD hmchr06a Hope Mills, NC H. Grissino-Mayer, S. van de Gevel, and J. Hart

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