A distant view of the stand of mixed hemlock-red spruce (Picea rubens) stand in the Hopper on Mount Greylock, MA that contains the 414 year old Picea rubens

(photo ©2006 Anthony W. D'Amato)

Species Age
ID Location Collector(s), Dater(s), Reference(s)
Picea rubens 445 XD 05BCL901a Fundy Escarpment, NB, Cana. B. Phillips
Picea rubens 424 XD 106061 Grandfather Mtn., NC E. Cook; ITRDB
Picea rubens 414 XD -- Mount Greylock, MA A.W. D'Amato & D. Orwig 
Picea rubens 411 XD 297031 Nancy Brook, New Hampshire H.C. Fritts, T.G. Siccama; ITRDB 
Picea rubens 405 XD   Nancy Brook, New Hampshire P.Krusic 
Picea rubens 352 XD   North-central Maine S. Fraver and A.S. White 

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Last modified: July, 2006 
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