Lutheran Seminary scarlet oak
The Lutheran Theological Seminary Quercus coccinea in Philadelphia, PA; the oldest-documented individual of its species. Planted in 1795. Image coutertesy of Scott Wade of PA's Big Trees List.

Image © 2009 Scott Wade

Species Age
ID Location Collector(s), Dater(s), Reference(s)
Quercus coccinea 212 HI -- Planted in 1795, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Phila., PA Wade, S.; PA's Big Trees list
Quercus coccinea 193 RC -- Fork Ridge, Chattahoochee National Forest, GA J. Riddle 7/8/02
Quercus coccinea 148 XD MT35 Murphy Tract, WV J. Rentch; J. Rentch et al., 2003a, 2003b
Quercus coccinea 124 XD 511068 MOFEP Site 5, Shannon County Missouri S. Voelker
Quercus coccinea 122 XD BP03 Pisgah NF, North Carolina J.Speer 2001

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