The oldest Quercus stellata found to date. This tree is located in the Ancient Cross Timbers Tract of Oklahoma.

(photo ©2006 Dave Stahle)

A stand of 200+ yr old Quercus stellata in Turkey Ridge Natural Area, VA which is an exceptional age for this species in the Piedmont Physiographic province.

(photo ©2006 Daniel Druckenbrod)

Species Age
ID Location Collector(s), Dater(s), Reference(s)
Quercus stellata  395 XD KEY13 Osage County, OK D. Stahle; ITRDB
Quercus stellata  286 XD NNL14 Montpelier Station, VA Druckenbrod et al., 2005
Quercus stellata  253 XD TUR01B Cumberland SF, VA Druckenbrod et al., 2005
Quercus stellata  232 XD ADS01 Hunter Island, Bronx, NY - w/ 11 more between 192 & 226 yrs at this site N. Pederson; N. Pederson

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