Teaching Interests (A.M. Thurnherr)

Teaching has been a long-standing interest of Thurnherr. While working on his PhD in Southampton (UK), in addition to the usual teaching assistant work, he regularly taught advanced computer classes for a private company in Switzerland. In his current position as Lamont Associate Research Professor Thurnherr is not required to teach. Nevertheless, he has developed a graduate course on dispersion and mixing for the Earth Sciences department at Columbia University and he has been teaching this course regularly every other year. He also demonstrated fluid-dynamics experiments at several "open house" events both in the UK and at Lamont, and he has visited schools, both in the US and abroad, to talk about the adventure of being an observational oceanographer.

In addition to classroom teaching, Thurnherr enjoys mentoring students and post-doctoral researchers. In addition to advising his own PhD students and post-docs, Thurnherr has been serving on PhD advisory committees both at Lamont and elsewhere and he has also supervised several undergraduate summer internship projects during the last few years.

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