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Media Reports:

Special Report: Children poisoned by lead on U.S. Army bases as hazards ignored
Reuters investigation of widespread lead-paint hazards on US military bases that Columbia University's Earth Institute helped to unveil with sampling protocols and laboratory analyses in August 2018.
Can technology help Bangladesh end mass arsenic poisoning?
Reuters Foundation article describing arsenic mitigation research in Bangladesh in August 2017.
Bangladesh’s leather industry exposes workers and children to toxic hazards
Interview of Lex van Geen as part of PBS Newshour report about the leather tanning industry in Dhaka, Bangladesh in March 2017
Arsenic Contamination Threatens Water in Hanoi
New York Times article about the threat of arsenic in well water from municipal pumping for the city of Hanoi in September 2013.
Mapping Hot Spots of Lead Contamination Could Safeguard Children in Mining Towns
New York Times article reporting by Lex van Geen of the contamination of soil with lead in mining towns of Peru in December 2012.
Bangladesh's Deadly Wells
New York Times/International Herald Tribune op-ed by Lex van Geen about arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh published in August 2005.


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