ben holtzman

lamont associate research professor
lamont doherty earth observatory
columbia university
61 rt. 9W
palisades, new york, 10964

email:  benh (at)
office:  845 365 8382

Research in Geophysics
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My research is some mixture of experimental and theoretical rock mechanics, seismology and geodynamics. Through field work, experiments and theory, I worked for a long time on the coupling of melt migration and deformation and the influences of melt on the mechanical properties of rocks in the deep Earth. Although my current projects are mostly theoretical, I always have a eye to experiments and natural observations.
Currently, my research has two related fronts:
(1) Building computational tools for the quantitative interpretation of seismic velocities and attenuation measured in the upper mantle, towards building more detailed images of the structure of plate boundaries and the upper mantle. Such images provide an observational basis for understanding the general mechanisms for heat extraction from the Earth. This work involves multiple collaborations focused on natural settings including the Colorado Plateau and the East African Rift.
(2) Development of constitutive models to describe the evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties in the Earth. This work involves multiple collaborations with experimentalists and physicists, towards the tight iteration between theory and the analysis of experimental data.

Another aspect of my work is developing methods for simultaneous visual and auditory representation of natural data, with a long focus on what earthquakes and seismic data tell us about the internal workings of the Earth.

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