CLIMATE RECONSTRUCTION: My research is focused on two primary objectives: (1) developing the use of massive coral skeletons for paleoclimatic reconstruction, particularly in the Pacific and Indonesia, and (2) developing sediment records of Western Pacific Warm Pool climate and Indonesian Oceanographic Throughflow variability. The pages here summarize some of this research.

(Top row ) (left) coral drilling in Ta’u, American Samoa 2011 (pic BKL; graphic overlay Travis Hartman (Reuters) , Right); drilling in Am Samoa, (middle) (left) Drill team in Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama, March 2018, (right) aboard Evohe at Kandavu Atoll, Fiji  2004 (Bottom) Globorotalia tumida (thermocline dwelling foraminifera from IODP core 1486 off New Guinea.

March 2018