Stable Isotope Laboratory
The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory stable isotope laboratory houses mass spectrometers for the analysis of carbonates, tooth enamel, bulk organic, tree cellulose and organic compounds.  Four mass spectrometers are currently in use: 1.) one Elementar Isoprime 100 w/ dual inlet and multiprep for oxygen isotope (d18O) and carbonate isotope (d13C) analysis of larger carbonate samples, d18O and dD (hydrogen isotopes) of water, and a 10 collector isotopologue array for the analysis of multiply substituted isotopes of CO2.  2.) A Thermo Delta V+ w/ dual inlet and Kiel IV, and Gasbench II continuous flow operating modes to analyze smaller carbonate samples and water samples requiring high precision; 3.) A Thermo Delta V+ w/ Conflo IV, Trace GC and Isolink, TC/EA, Costech EA w/autosampler and configured for the stable isotopic (d18O, d13C, d15N, dD) analysis of bulk and compound-specific organics and tree ring samples; 4.) one VG Optima dual-inlet mass spectrometer for the analysis of carbonates.  The laboratory is located in climate-controlled room 212 of the New Core Lab on the Lamont campus.

The laboratory is directed by Dr. Braddock Linsley (; 845-365-8306 and managed by Dr. Wei Huang (; 845-365-8143).


Users of the laboratory  with carbonate, tooth enamel, bulk organic or tree cellulose samples should currently contact:

Wei Huang (Lab manager) ( or

Brad Linsley (

For analysis of organic samples for organic sample extracts, contact:

Billy D-Andrea ( or

Kevin Uno (