Robert W. Embley, Michael A. Hobart, Roger N. Anderson and Dallas H. Abbott

Anomalous heat flow in the Northwest Atlantic; a case for continued hydrothermal circulation in 80-m.y. crust

Journal of Geophysical Research(February 1983), 88(B2):1067-1074

Index Terms/Descriptors: abyssal plains; anomalies; Atlantic Ocean; Cenozoic; convection; crust; domes; geophysical surveys; heat flow; heat transfer; hydrothermal conditions; marine sediments; measurement; Nares abyssal plain; North American Atlantic; North Atlantic; oceanic crust; sediments; surveys; tectonophysics; volcanism

Latitude & LongitudeN23°50'00'' - N24°00'00'' and W60°20'00'' - W59°45'00''


60 X 150 km area at 60 degrees W, 24 degrees N at the eastern end of the Nares abyssal plain. 58 heat flow measurements made at five stations in the area have revealed (1) constant heat flow over the abyssal plain (56 mW m (super -2) ), (2) a cyclic heat flow over the abyssal hills (mean of 77 mW m (super -2) ), and (3) a large anomaly of 710 mW m (super -2) over one of several small domes which protrude from the abyssal plain. The domes are 0.5-1.0 km in diameter near the top and rise 50 m above the level of the abyssal plain and are probably small volcanoes. Age independent muting effect of sediment on the surface manifestation of crustal convection.--Modified journal abstract.