Robert W. Embley, L. D. Kulm, G. J. Massoth, D. H. Abbott and Mark L. Holmes

Morphology, structure and resource potential of the Blanco transform fault zone (in Geology and resource potential of the continental margin of western North America and adjacent ocean basins, Beaufort Sea to Baja California )

Earth Science Series( 1987), 6:549-561

Index Terms/Descriptors: basins; Blanco transform fault zone; Cascadia Basin; Cenozoic; depressions; East Pacific; faults; Gorda Rise; Holocene; Juan de Fuca Ridge; mineral resources; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; ocean floors; oceanography; Pacific Ocean; Pleistocene; pull-apart basins; Quaternary; spreading centers; strike-slip faults; transform faults; turbidite

Latitude & LongitudeN42°00'00'' - N45°00'00'' and W130°00'00'' - W126°00'00''