Esteban Gazel

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University


Geology is the passion of my life.  I was born in Costa Rica, a small land of freedom, peace and… very active tectonics. Since my childhood earthquakes and volcanoes motivated my curiosity to understand the secrets of our planet.

My team study processes in the interior of our planet that produce magmas, volcanoes and contribute to planetary evolution.

Our research involves an integrated approach with field and lab components, complemented by modeling and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Earth Science is going to be the science of this century. Population growth, the risk of natural hazards, climate change, the need of new energy solutions, and natural resources getting more depleted, increase the need for highly trained earth scientists. My mission is to contribute to the education of the next generations of earth scientists so that we can bring solutions to these challenges.


Lunar Crater



Puʻu ʻŌʻō